March, 2007

  1. Tweets for 2007-03-30

    Everyone should uninstall the Alexa toolbar in support of Statsaholic. This includes the Search Status extension for Firefox # now includes Twitter, cool # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  2. Tweets for 2007-03-28

    Twitteroo hasn’t worked for me at all today, back using google talk for my twits # ah Twitteroo new version fixes the issues I was having yesterday # disabled Twitter Tools on my blog, getting 500 errors returned because of the cron # Urbina sentenced to 14 years in jail today, funny that I was…

  3. Tweets for 2007-03-27

    Why can’t installing things for work just be easy. Attempt #3 coming up # My ISP now brought to my by Best Buy for Business # Thank you Samsung for the new 64gb SSD drive, now when can I get it 🙂 # Powered by Twitter Tools.