June, 2007

  1. I have a new friend

    She just came back today. Paul C. thinks its a Red Tail Hawk, and I think he’s correct after this shot. Update: Kevin says its definitely a Red Tail Hawk, but he’s not sure if its the same bird. What do you think? Click to view the picture on Zooomr and then hover over the…

  2. No more Tweet digests

    I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to have a digest of Tweets posted.  Instead I created a page that is dedicated to the 15 most recent.  You can see them on Twitter Tweets which is also linked in the menu under Pages.

  3. Tweets for 2007-06-25

    just sliced my thumb open making dinner, should make typing fun # when will it stop… http://tinyurl.com/2cc8qe # ok I’m over it, GrandCentral for Google would be pretty sweet, just tired of Google owning all my information # trying to simplify my life with the amount of RSS feeds I read and Twitterer’s I follow…

  4. Tweets for 2007-06-24

    Awesome, Zooomr RSS feeds are back for photos # I want a WordPress plugin that will display my tweets, but also automatically link when replying to a tweet to the @user # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  5. Name the bird

    Last week I happened to look out the window because something was moving and caught my eye in the back yard. The first thing I noticed were some huge wings. Well after 45 minutes of watching and taking pictures of this bird, and wondering what type of bird I was looking at, it took off.…