Sopranos Ending

Spoiler alert so stop reading if you haven’t seen it.

Ok, all the talk about the guy at the counter and then he goes to the bathroom. If you notice he’s not looking at Tony. He’s another lonely guy, and when the couple is laughing over in the corner that’s who he looks at. Yeah he might have come out of the bathroom and whacked Tony, but I can’t seem to come to grips with it. Even with Bobby saying something along the lines of “You probably don’t even see it coming when it happens”. Well Bobby didn’t see it coming, but Sil did.

The ending is a great conversation piece, one that even some boobs on Digg are trying to come up with an idiot test for those who loved the ending vs. those that hated it. I for one hated it. I’ve watched it twice now and I can’t believe that’s how the show ends.

I’ll throw this out there. Carm put a hit out on Tony. She was loving the redesign pictures of her new house and she knows Tony is never going to let her do what she wants to as long as he’s alive. He’s always going to hold it over her head that he gave her the money for the spec house. Then she went and told everyone where they were going to go to eat although she claimed it was the “consensus”. Then she shot him under the table :). Ok not really, because I still think Tony lives for “Sopranos, The Movie”

Let the discussions continue….

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