July, 2007

  1. See you tomorrow

    Took this when Jonny was visiting, unfortunately lost the RAW file in a hard drive crash but at least still have the 1600×1071 version. Technorati Tags: san francisco, marin, marin headlands, sunset, sunsets

  2. If only I could ski

    Went out and did some shooting Saturday night and this was one of the shots that came out of it. Whatcha think? Technorati Tags: san francisco, photos, photography, nikon, taylor st

  3. Video: July 4th Fireworks

    July 4th Fireworks from dbcohen and Vimeo. Here’s all the pictures I took on the 4th in video format, should make it easier for most to view them all. See the individual shots I took here Technorati Tags: fireworks, san francisco, july 4th

  4. SoftLayer currently being hit by a DDoS attack

    This post has received a ton of traffic lately. Please realize it is from 2007 and not a recent post. I am no longer a customer of SoftLayer. SoftLayer is my host and is currently being slammed by a DDoS attack so the website is up and down because of it. There’s a thread over…

  5. A San Franciscan Day

    A San Franciscan Day from dbcohen and Vimeo. Started the camera going at 8:50 AM and ended it just after 10 PM. The pictures were taken every 5 minutes except when I had to change batteries. Hope you enjoy. Technorati Tags: San Francisco, SF, video