March, 2008

  1. Friends and family, lend me your ears and fingers….

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Not many of my close friends/family blog or have a website.  Yes I realize I’m a technophile, so if you are totally uninterested in having your own place on the interwebs I can understand that.  Basically I want to know if I was to offer you a…

  2. Anticipation

    Anticipation, originally uploaded by davebcohen. Its been over 6 weeks, but finally Meg comes home today.  I took a quick break from trying to get the apartment in some sort of order to do a little playing in the studio.  I gotta say that its quite a pain in the arse trying to focus the…

  3. Sunsets for Sarah: Evening Dancer

    Ah, Aruba, the sunsets in Aruba were fantastic. Meg and I went there last August for our honeymoon. I was out shooting and this young lady happened to go out in front of me so I decided to include her in a couple shots. I think it worked well. Evening Dancer