Possibilities are a changing

Announcement: I’m going to start using this blog more to do some actual writing and sharing things that I come across on my travels and will be moving my photography off to a new site, but will announce that move when its ready.

Now, I share this video with you because it helps highlight why I feel we are in such an awesome time in our country’s history. For once, I can say that I’m living in history of change for the betterment of society. I feel it, I belong to it.

Generations before me have had their defining moments, and many of those moments coincided with wars. Wars between countries, wars between ourselves, wars between ideals, wars between . Today, we can say that we are hopefully in the last chapter of the war that . There is still a large societal war in our country between ideals. Everyone has their own ideals, and that is going to make this next chapter in our history a hard one to write. We have the title of the chapters already written: Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Economy. Those chapters will not be easy to pen, and may still take time to re-write after starting over and over.

No longer can we look at problems like they are so absolute. Being a programmer I like to think that each problem is like a piece of code. There are multiple routes we can take to fix each problem, however its not always the easiest nor quickest route that best solves the problem, and sometimes you need to start from scratch.

The journey begins now, its up to us to help write the future that we want. The paths we take will shape this country, and the world, for generations to come. Yes. We. Can.

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