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  1. Sharon on the beach in Carmel

    Sharon and her dad Paul are in town visiting. We took off to the Monterey area on Sunday and stopped in Carmel to catch the sunset. I’ve been playing with Polaroids for a little while now so if you want to see more go here.

  2. Parrots on a wire

    Those lovely Telegraph Hill Parrots dropped by to hang on the wire in the backyard the other day.  In total there were about 10 of them, was very cool to see them all on the long wire.

  3. 1,000 Visitors

    I hardly write anything on here but somehow I’ve hit 1,000 unique visitors according to Mint since it was installed in March.   Thanks to all who have visited, please come back because maybe that will make me write more :). Here’s a list of the top 10 Posts according to Popularity Contest Lightroom version 1.1…