Strobist Kitty

Strobist Kitty, originally uploaded by davebcohen.

Finally!  I love the Strobist blog, been loving it for a while and finally I have the power to do some very cool off camera flash work.  I bought Nikon’s SU-800 to go along with my SB-800 and now have some serious flash power.  The cat was curious about the flash so I snapped this shot as she was hovering over it.  She looks so demonic, I love it 🙂

What once was lost has been found!

Our Wedding RingsJust got a text from Ken “What once was lost has been found!”. As many of you know, I lost my wedding ring at a Christmas party over at Laura and Ken’s while we were back in Massachusetts. As Cougar was leaving I decided to be a wise-ass and throw a few snowballs at him with Mike D. As we were walking back into the party I realized my ring was missing….

This isn’t the first time a wedding ring has been lost in our clan of “Hey Kids!”. Its actually the 3rd time. Mike D lost his while on his honeymoon. He and Steph were snorkeling off some exotic island in the Caribbean, I think it was the Grand Cayman Island. Mike watched it fall off his finger and he couldn’t grab it.

Last summer, Ken lost his while the clan was taking a canoe trip on the Saco river. I believe it happened while everyone was out in the river throwing around a football. Ken looked down and realized his ring was missing. The guys kept it quiet for a little while before getting the girls down to the river to help look. After 45 minutes and just about to give up, Ken’s brother-in-law, Jim, reached down to sift through some sediment and came up with the ring on his finger.

My story continues… A few of the guys came out to see what was going on outside as we were looking for the ring. I have no idea how the girls didn’t figure out we were up to something, but we pulled it off for about 20 minutes. Finally, I went back inside to keep looking thinking maybe it had fallen off before I was a dumbass. Laura was now sitting where I had been, so I asked her if she could get up cause I needed to look around that area because I lost my ring.

After about an hour of searching, we all gave up. I had killed the mood of the party and the non-local folks had started to leave. I had given up hope, but since it might have been in the snow not all hope was lost. Given the nice little heat wave that’s going on in Mass right now the snow had melted enough to expose that shiny little white gold ring.

So finally my thanks go out to everyone who helped searched and a major thanks to Laura and Ken for continuing to look!