Sunsets for Sarah: I can’t help myself

A couple weeks ago I rented a car for the weekend to get some errands done and to just drive around. Its amazing how therapeutic just going on a drive can be when you don’t own a car. I stopped at one of the many vistas along Highway 1 at some point south of Monterey Bay for sunset and snapped this. Had a nice discussion with a couple who also had stopped, but they were looking for the whales that were traveling up the coastline.

I can’t help myself

I can't help myself

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Blogging from my blackberry

I’m really trying to make more mobile tools available to myself. Since there is no decent free application for blogging on the Blackberry I figured out how to setup blogging over email. I’ll have a more detailed post up later, but wanted to play a little bit more before getting that together.  Here’s a photo of the cat sitting in a most awkward position trying to fall asleep earlier this morning.  Taken with the camera on my Blackberry 8320.