Friends and family, lend me your ears and fingers….

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Not many of my close friends/family blog or have a website.  Yes I realize I’m a technophile, so if you are totally uninterested in having your own place on the interwebs I can understand that.  Basically I want to know if I was to offer you a place to blog, where you could share pictures, videos, and stories would you be interested?  Let me know in the poll or via the contact page.



Anticipation, originally uploaded by davebcohen.

Its been over 6 weeks, but finally Meg comes home today.  I took a quick break from trying to get the apartment in some sort of order to do a little playing in the studio.  I gotta say that its quite a pain in the arse trying to focus the camera when there’s nothing to focus on till you run around and get in front of it.

strobist – 2 SB-800s controlled by SU-800.  Strobe camera left shot into umbrella and strobe camera right behind me with a blue gel.  Reflector also camera right to redirect flash onto the left side of my face.