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Reflecting back on the Inauguration, one of my favorite parts were the live performance by musicians Anthony McGill, Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma and Gabriela Montero. I found that someone had pulled together an mp3, which turns out was likely the recording of what was actually being played to the audience and folks on TV. The performance was “live”, but the audio being fed wasn’t. I guess its another version of lip synching. Read more about it on Wikipedia. For those who enjoyed the song, you can listen to it again below or download it.

It’s a Beautiful World

Its a Beautiful World

I was recently contacted by a fellow Flickrite, Sophie Addison, about including one of my photos in a book that was being put together. The sales profits for the book are being donated to the Super Cities Walk for MS.

The photo that was included in the book is my Parrots of Telegraph Hill shot.

Parrots of Telegraph Hill


The photo was included in the first edition (page 32), which is 7″ x 7″, and also the second edition (page 32) which is 10″ x 8″.  I’m waiting for my copy of the second edition to arrive.

Sophie put the preview of the book into her photostream.  The first edition is here, and the second edition is here.

Help support MS research buy picking up a copy!