Phill Price’s Edit My Photo Project

Phill Price's Edit My Photo project

Phill’s rules:

  1. Fill in the form at… and I’ll send you the full straight out of the camera Canon RAW file – or a JPG from that original raw.
  2. Edit it as you like
  3. Post it somewhere – be it a photo sharing site or your own blog
  4. Send me a link to say you’re ready
  5. Bask in the glory that you did better than me 🙂

Photo is licensed under

So, how did I edit the photo? I imported Phil’s RAW file into Lightroom. From there I created 4 virtual copies of it. Then for each virtual copy I adjusted the exposure so I ended up with photos at +2, +1, 0 (Phill’s original), -1 and -2 exposures.

Then I exported the photos into Photomatix using their Lightroom plugin. Tweaked the HDR till I was happy with the results and then exported the file as a TIFF.

Next I opened the TIFF into Photoshop to try and cleanup the bright spot that is along the left hand side of the subject. I was able to recover some of the color after the HDR conversion, but not all. And since I’m not that skilled with restoring photos I decided to live with the results. I then saved the TIFF again.

Opened Lightroom back up and imported the new TIFF. Applied some Clarity and Contrast adjustments and exported the photo back out of Lightroom.

Last step was to clean up some of the noise that got generated creating the HDR. I opened up my Noiseware Professional application, applied adjustments till I was happy and voila, we have a final product.  I might spend some time to continue tweaking the photo to get back some brightness above the structure and recover that bright spot on the left but wanted to publish this before tomorrow’s deadline.

Here’s the Original Photo

Project 30: It begins today


I think I’ve been talking about this project since last summer, just not to many people. Well, now its time to talk about it to everyone because I think this is going to be the only way I will actually commit to it.

In less than a month I turn 30. In less than 5 months, my first child will be born. Its time to stop screwing around and get control over my health.

Ever since I stopped landscapping, I’ve let myself fall into a big pile of lard. My weight is upwards of 260 lbs. That’s right, 260 lbs. When I graduated high school I was somewhere around 210 lbs. When I finished college I was probably 230 lbs. Now, 6 some odd years later I’ve put on another 30 lbs.

So what is the point of Project 30? Well, originally it was that I would lose 30 lbs by the time I turned 30. Complete failure. I probably even put on a few pounds since I first started talking about it. No more regrets, now its just time for action.

Project 30 will begin with reaching milestones. The first milestone will be to lose 10 lbs, in 30 days. When I did WeightWatchers about 5 years ago I first weighed in at 254 lbs so I’ve been here before. The problem I had with their program was that to hit my “goal”, which actually was their goal, I had to get down to somewhere within 135 and 165 pounds. If you know me, seen my body frame, that just isn’t possible. My ultimate goal here will be to lose 30 pounds by the time I turn 31, and to be able to run a mile again. I probably could run a mile now, but you’d have to peel me off the pavement. Not a good thought.

I will do my best to keep track of a daily log of food intake and general activity over at my Project 30 blog and check in here with weekly updates on Friday.

Let the fun begin! Let’s hope the picture above is the last of its kind.