Alone and Content

Alone and Content

no music playing, no television sounding
no lungs are burning, no heart is pounding
the laptop is off, still humming in its sleep
the baby is listless, yet not breathless
first, it starts lightly as it comes through the window
and feels as if you stepped into a spiderweb in the dead of night
then it gets louder and turns to a roar
the wall you’ve watched inch closer and closer is here
upon you
and all you can do
is turn to the window
and smaller and smaller, you close the window
until there’s still, a sliver indulging
your quiet moment forgetting of nothing
a moment that is broken by sounds of real life
of sirens and church bells going off with great strife
you come back to view that your chosen life
has lead you to sit and reflect with a tear
that you are still happy and will never fear
a moment of moments that lets you feel
alone and content

Sign of the times

I was not very shocked to read this article, Bay Area Rents Outpace Pay.  The easiest part of where we live is the fact that we don’t own a car, so we aren’t usually directly subjected to the up-and-down nature of gas prices.  The flip side of that problem is that when gas prices go up, so does everything else and that’s where we feel the pain.  It wasn’t that long ago that I would pay $2.00 for a gallon of milk, now that gallon is $4.49.

You won't soon be forgotten

I really want to get my photography business of the ground, however due to the sad state of affairs in our economy I haven’t done that.  I look around if I can’t afford any extra toys, who can?  Do you feel like you are being left behind like the shoe above?