Remembering Gramp

Today, my Grandfather was laid to rest. Because of our new family, I was unable to go home for the services, but was there because Phil was kind enough to read something I wrote. I’m posting it here incase anyone would like to read it.

It is with great sorrow that I cannot be with you all today, of all days.

Gramp was a gentle man, who had a firm grip, and a smile that is unrivaled. He was devoted to his wife for 68 years, and served his country during World War II. He was soft spoken, but strong willed.

I’d like to invite everyone to join me in helping celebrate Gramp’s life by taking part in the act that I will forever remember him by.

Please look at the person next to you. Offer your hand and take theirs. Look them in the eye and squeeze their hand, and just smile, for he is with you.